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Streams for your backyard pond or pondless waterfall installed by All Aquatics, serving the Dallas, Southlake, Westlake, Keller, North Texas (TX) areas, are simple to build, but can easily become very difficult if a few rules aren’t followed. When designing streams, the main thing to look for is elevation changes that can work for or against you. Elevations working for you will have the slope coming towards the customer’s viewing area (such as a patio or deck).

Good slopes can make stream design much easier. All you need is to carve the hillside to create a natural area for a water course. Be sure the stream traverses across the slope to increase the viewing area and exposure, and to create a more natural-looking streambed. You’ll want to make it look as though the water has eroded away the soil, exposing the stone underneath.

A Stream May be Just What You Need

When you close your eyes and envision a stream in your mind, what image appears? It is a loud crashing watercourse showing you the power of water or is it a slow meandering stream making you feel peaceful and tranquil? Streams can be installed on an existing pond as well as a new one! For added effects, LED Underwater Lighting can be installed to enhance the feature into the night, doubling your viewing time! All Aquatics, serving the Dallas, Southlake, Westlake, Keller, North Texas (TX) areas, can help you decide the best way to incorporate a stream into your backyard vision, for maximum enjoyment.

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